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Acting Office is a software platform that helps accountants with a one-stop practice management solution.

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Acting Office provides a raft of features such as email integration, phone integration, task management, timesheets, deadline reminders, canned messages, data storage, etc. These features ensure seamless management of all client related tasks and data. The great thing about cloud-based software is the added flexibility and ease of access from any location and device.

Email Integration | Acting Office

Email integration

Allows you to receive and send emails directly from the Acting Office platform, without the need to toggle between screens. All client communication is stored in chronological order and automatically mapped to the individual client record. You don't need to do a thing!

Phone Integration | Acting Office

Phone integration

A recording of every incoming/outgoing call is stored against the client record. Simply add a notation beside any call to summarise what was discussed. Easily access the recording at any time as a prompter, or to confirm client instructions, settle possible disputes or for staff training purposes.

Task Management | Acting Office

Task management

Set up recurring or standalone tasks for time sensitive assignments. Choose the priority level for each task so they are presented on your dashboard according to the pre-determined level of urgency.

timesheets | Acting Office


Performance analysis is of utmost importance for accounting practices with multiple staff members - especially given the emerging trend of hybrid work environments where staff are working in multiple geographical locations. Our timesheet feature is fully automated so you can gauge ACTUAL staff performance and real time spent on individual tasks. Effortlessly track billable hours attributed to individual clients in your portfolio.

Deadline reminders | Acting Office

Deadline reminders

A missed deadline is an accountant's worst nightmare! Never miss a deadline ever again with Acting Office. Daily deadline reminders as per your customised needs will ensure your clients remain compliant at all times.

Canned messages | Acting Office

Canned messages

A lot of accountancy emails look the same. For example: a quote for your services, a confirmation email after filing the accounts, a checklist of the information that you require from a client. Acting Office will personalise your canned messages for each and every such occassion. Use them to save time whilst ensuring accuracy and providing much needed peace of mind.

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